5 March~Double Celebration

A man is never complete without a daughter in his life. He sees the world completely different and I just can’t put it into words, maybe some things are just meant for the heart to feel.

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Ghosts Of Pune

My halloween story….
Now, imagine yourself sitting by a bonfire in the long dark hours of night & listen to the spine chilling ghost stories I am narrating you….
My maternal grandfather was an employee of Forest Department. He spent most of his service life in the remote adivasi areas of Thane district. The native adivasi tribes of Thane district are firm believers of ghosts, evil spirits & black magic. Naturally almost all of my maternal family trust more or less in the existence of paranormal activity. Since my childhood I have heard many stories of haunted houses, woods & roads of Jawhar, Mokhada, Talasari etc. I myself don’t believe in ghosts but I still like to hear those old stories again & again in our family gatherings. But you will be surprised to know that the places I am telling here are not from the remote adivasi areas but they are from Pune, one of the biggest metro cities of India.

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Shalgam Curry ( Spicy Turnip Curry)

Shalgam or Turnip in English is a root vegetable commonly grown in northern parts of India. It is very popular in Ladakh and Punjab. Turnip root is very high in vitamin C, Calories with almost zero cholesterol. So, you can call it a superfood. There are many recipes of Shalgam (Turnip) in different parts of India. Here is one of the simplest recipes which can be cooked in a very short span of time.

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Life along the Ghats of Maheshwar

Maheshwar is the legacy of Queen Ahilya Devi Holkar of Holkar Royal family. It was the first capital of Holkar royal family of Malwa. Maheshwar is believed to be an ancient town & it was inhabited even in 4th century. The Maratha Queen Ahilya Devi Holkar gave Maheshwar its bygone glory in 18th century. Ahilya Devi constructed many beautiful temples, ghats along the Narmada River.

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