5 March~Double Celebration

My baby gal, Riya and I share the same birthday. She is my best gift ever from the almighty. My travel with her as her father been a transforming moment for me. From manhood to fatherhood. A man is never complete without a daughter in his life. He sees the world completely different and I just can’t put it into words, maybe some things are meant only for the heart to feel.  Only a baby gal has the power to soften man’s heart. I still remember her tiny feet, her fragile skin and her soft smile… She captured me in her love forever. Happy birthday baby.

With lots of love from,

Papa 12788840_10154542180709881_16192560_o






4 responses to “5 March~Double Celebration

  1. I totally relate. My son and daughter have brought so much joy into my life; and they continue to, even as adults. I wish the same for you. I feel that there is nothing more important or satisfying than being a parent!

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  2. Lovely sentiment to your precious girl. You can give her the gift of a loving, honorable and dependable father, and you can give her that gift every year. Be blessed as you bless you little one. I am a member of Blogger’s World out to get acquainted with other members. I’m clicking your follow so I will stay in touch. Please visit me when convenient for you.

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