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I am Rakesh Kapadnis living in Mumbai. I am working on the post of Sub Engineer for Water Supply Project Department of Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai. I am a simple, god fearing Hindu guy. I love reading, cooking, taking pictures & of course travelling. Travel is all I can think about. The travel bug bite me after finishing my university studies. When I am not travelling, I am planning for my next travel. I can spend my whole life just travelling & reading. In fact a book is a good companion for me on a tour. I am a total foodie & passionate about both cooking & eating. I love trying new dishes on my travel. Meeting new people makes me happy. You can call me a practising Buddhist too. One day I would like to become a monk & set out in the pursuit of Buddha’s footprints from its origin India to wherever the religion has spread -Nepal, Burma, Indochaina, China, Thailand with the message – “live to travel, travel to live”

The Desi Vagabond


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  2. Rakesh,
    Your pictures are stunning. They say a lot about how you look at the world in ways beyond the camera. Your exuberant optimism is humbling. By the way, thanks for looking in on my blog.

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  3. Rakesh, you have an excellent blog that is an inspirational mirroring my nomadic lifestyle. I will begin my travels in the US and venture forth beyond its borders to tour the world by backpack. So one day I will visit India and hope to meet you. Until then I will continue to travel, take photographs and blog. You continue your work and keep going.

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  4. Hello sir, I just met with your profile and got to know that you are practicing “Buddhism” pretty good actually but as you mentioned Burma there I would love to ask will you visit there with a simple msg to love, live and let live?
    As dear Lord “Buddha” is a great follower of peace and love and also taught us the way to live , the simple and straight meanings of life …

    From some sources I came to know about the terror going onn in “Burma” which gives me a feeling that they aren’t actually following Buddhism or they aren’t aware of it … Because Buddhism is never in favour of violence , fights or even a light chaos… Then why all this happening over there? Why are the innocence being killed there? Why the followers of peace and love becoming cruel and rude and dangerous ? Why humanity is getting against humans?

    That’s all thank you 🙏 Buddham Sharanam Gacchamee 🙏

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    • Good day Happy Buddy.
      Sorry for the late reply. Do you know you actually have the answer in your question “…they aren’t actually following Buddhism or they aren’t aware of it” As simply as that… Terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Fear and submission is the real reason behind terrorism in any religion. We only know the one media highlights there are more reason to such acts and there are bigger agenda behind the highlight of such incidents in the media and get the attention of the people all over the world. YES Buddy, One day I will surely visit Burma. WE cannot change the world but we can change ourselves and by that we have done your part in changing the world. I hope I have shed some light on your questions. 🙂 Do keep in touch and I would like to know about you too. Couldn’t find much about you in your blog.
      🙏 Buddham Sharanam Gacchamee 🙏

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